2016 Project was an International Success

Last year One Life Dreams created an international humanitarian cultural project involving photographers, children’s dreams and the creation of Dress of Dreams, viewed by 1 billion people at the 65th Miss Universe and covered by the world media.

This unique project was made in collaboration with Göteborgs Kulturkalas, and with the great honour to receive Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden’s blessing for this extraordinary artistic community project. We are very proud of this achievement.

To learn more about last year Project click HERE.

Miss Sweden 2016

This Year’s Exciting Project

This year we created a new exciting project, as an artistic treat for children. We believe every child should have the opportunity to play and be creative.

We invited everyone willing to join an exciting, creative and universal project, to celebrate the famous Swedish cultural treasure – The Dala Horse.

400 Years of the Swedish Toy

In celebration of the 400 years of Dala Horse, which in the olden days was mostly used as a toy for children, has become a symbol of Dalarna, as well as Sweden in general.

One Life Dreams present the project – 400 years of Dala Horse.

A mind-blowing project to honour the tradition

In collaboration with Göteborgs Kulturkalas 2017, August 16th-20th, we created a unique connection between children in Sweden and children in Mongolia and Nepal. 400 Dala Horses was used as a canvas for the children to creatively paint their own Dala Horses.

The Dala Horses was packed, shipped and distributed to the children, with the help of charity organization One Life Matters.

We believe this playful gift will lighten up, even for just a bit, the sorrow reality that unfortunately many children still live. It’s a genuine gesture of kindness to show them we care and think about them.

400 Dala Horses painted by children in Sweden

100 unique Dala Horses to Nepal

The Dala Horses then travelled all the way from Gothenburg, Sweden to Pokhara, Nepal. With the help of charity organization One Life Matters, we were connected to the Keller family. They are brokers of need and do many amazing projects around Pokhara. The Keller provided transportation for us to visit two schools so we could hand out the Dala Horses. Watch the video below and see the reactions.

Artistic expression

Aviad Arik Herman created a spectacular dress in honor of the 400 years of Dala Horse. It was revealed and presented at the Göteborgs Kulturkalas.

Next, the dress will be showcased on the oldest TV program in the world – Miss Universe, seen by over 1 billion people worldwide, worn by Miss Sweden 2017. This, to celebrate Sweden’s famous cultural treasure and tradition.