Our Belief

We believe every child should have the opportunity to be loved, play, be creative and have the possibility to fulfil their dreams.

Our purpose is to inspire and make dreams come true, no matter how unachievable they may seem to be.

We do this by launching creative universal projects.

First Project Children’s Dreams Fulfilled

Aviad Arik Herman was inspired to create a project that would make a difference in people’s lives. He started to discuss these ideas during a brunch with Daniel Nilsson and the discussions lead to the foundation of the One Life Dreams organization May 11th 2016. Together they started to involve friends, family and anyone that wanted to join their project.

2016 they created an international humanitarian cultural project involving photographers, children’s dreams and the creation of Dress of Dreams, viewed by 1 billion people at the 65th Miss Universe and covered by the world media.

This unique project was made in collaboration with Göteborgs Kulturkalas, and with the great honour to receive Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden’s blessing for this extraordinary artistic community project. We at One Life Dreams are very proud of this achievement.

To learn more about the first project please Click HERE.


The organization is founded by:

Aviad Arik Herman
Internationally renowned creative & performing artist, professional dancer as well as Costume & Fashion designer. Visit Aviad’s artist page at www.facebook.com/aviadarikherman/

Daniel Nilsson
Intrapreneur & Business Model Innovator, has been involved in building organizations for 20 years. Visit Daniel’s personal web page at www.daniel-one.com


Aviad Arik Herman – Creative & Artistic Leader – aviad@onelifedreams.com

Daniel Nilsson – Operations Leader – daniel@onelifedreams.com

Mariell Ehlin – Branding – mariell@yogiflow.se

Patrik Rikama – Web – patrik.rikama@gmail.com

Natasha Einarsson – Communication – natasha@onelifedreams.com

Do you want to join
the One Life team?

Do you enjoy making the world a better place? Do you believe every child should have the opportunity to be loved, play, be creative and the possibility to fulfil their dreams? Then you should join One Life Dreams.

Send an email to Daniel Nilsson at daniel@onelifedreams.com and explain how you would like to participate in the project.

One Life Friends