We found some words that all of us understood – Messi, Zlatan and Ronaldo

One Life Dreams Hockeyplayers2

One Life Dreams Hockeyplayers2


As we played our “football on ice” game we found some words that all of us could understand. They were Messi, Zlatan and Ronaldo. We had established a strong foundation for our future communication.

Imagine starting a new life in a country where they do not speak or write the language you know. You might be alone, having left family and friends to start a new life, a safer life.  In our hearts we hope that this will not create barriers for the dreams you have or affect the possibility of achieving them. Instead we wish that you are able to enrich yourself and the environment around you.

Submitted by Patrik Rikama from Finland – patrik.rikama@gmail.com

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