Painting Dala Horses changing the world

Together with Miss Universe – Sweden 2017 Frida Fornander, children painted 400 magical Dala Horses

For over 400 years, dala horses have been a toy for children in Sweden. Together with OneLife Matters, we will send the children’s creations to less fortunate children in Nepal and Mongolia

“I am so honred that this many children wanted to paint a Dala Horse for less fortunate children in Mongolia & Nepal. It was 7 intensive hours but we made it. All 400 horses are creatively painted and the result is magical.

We want to create a unique link between children in Sweden and children in other parts of the world. We think a playful gift will brighten up, if for a little bit, the tough reality that many children still have.

It’s a genuine gesture to show the children that there are others who care and think about them.

I want to thank everyone that believes in Aviad Arik Herman & me, and our crazy projects. I adore everyone that have helped us and spent their valuable time to make this project so amazing. Love you guys says Daniel Nilsson, co-founder One Life Dreams

The event took place in Gothenburg Trädgårdsföreningen Greenhouse with support of Göteborgs Kulturkalas

Photo: Peter Håkansson

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