Paint a Dala Horse changing the world

Join and paint one of 400 Dala Horses

Paint a Dala Horse changing the world – Together with Miss Sweden, your child can join and paint one of 400 DalaHorses that will be sent to poor children somewhere in the world.

For over 400 years, dalahorses have been a toy for children in Sweden. Now we want to share with us. Your child will paint a DalaHorse and create a drawing with the theme of friendship. We will then, together with the One Life organization, send your child’s creations to a child living in poverty somewhere in the world.
We want to create a unique link between children in Sweden and children in other parts of the world. We think a playful gift will brighten up, if for a little while, the tough day that many children still live in.

It’s a genuine gesture, to show the children that there are others who care about, and think about them.

The event takes place in Gothenburg Trädgårdsföreningen Greenhouse. Check out the event below.

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