No dream

one life dreams No Dream

one life dreams No Dream

When I asked Hassan (name changed), a Syrian refugee, what he wanted to be when he grew up he didn’t have an answer. A few years ago, Hassan was shot in the head in an ambush during the ongoing Syrian war. As he lay bleeding in his mother’s arms, she screamed for help. A soldier approached, gun pointed. Hassan’s 4-year-old brother, Wafik (name changed), who rarely speaks, stood and held up his arms. “I beg you, Sir, don’t hurt us anymore. Have mercy on us,” he appealed. The child’s eloquent words must have moved the soldier, who took Hassan to a hospital for treatment. The whole family later fled to another country, where they found comfort from a local church. Hassan recovered, but walked haltingly and underwent physical therapy. The blank dry-erase board that Hassan holds represents his dreamless future.

Photo by Joseph Rose – with OneLife USA – –

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