Mam, I want to have an office job so that I can take care of my parents

one life dreams

one life dreams

“Mam, I want to have an office job so that I can take care of my parents”

This is the dream of 14 year old Kiran. One of the many children that Mrs Kauser tutors in her spare time. The children range in age but they have two things in common. The first is that their access to education is limited and the second is that they all have big dreams for the future.

A multitude of studies conclude that children who grow up in more destitute or distressed environments are more likely to have problems with memory, focus and language skills. These factors make it harder for a child to learn. Mrs Kauser believes that with a little attention and guidance, we can make someone else’s life not only better but also give them the opportunity to change their living standard by being better students in their school and more capable of becoming an effective member of society.

The life changing event that triggered Mrs Kauser to start tutoring was when her maid came to her concerned that her children were going to be thrown out of school due to their poor performance during final examinations.  She collapsed in tears as she  explained to Kauser, “I am illiterate and cannot help them. I do not want my children to be like me, cleaning and doing dishes for the rest of their lives.”

Mrs Kauser believes in the children and connects with them on a personal level. Many underestimate the importance and value of this human connection and the relationships that are created.

Every child deserves support, a champion that will never give up on them and someone that believes that they can become the best that they can possibly be, despite all odds.

Submitted by Aleem Sohail from Pakistan – https://pk.linkedin.com/in/aleem-sohail-93114349

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  1. The lady mentioned in this short artcle is one of the greatest ladies I have personally known. Because she is my Bhabhi Maa.
    I have never been able to fathom the energies she draws from within and shares it with all and sundry.
    Being a diabetic herself, I have yet to hear a single complaint from her about life or health or circumstance, which may not be favourable all the time.
    Mother of four brrilliant daughters, one of whom is a PhD, the other a CA, a master in computer sciences and an aspiring textile designer.
    She is undoubtedly a beacon of light and hope not only for me and family. But whosoever is lucky enough to come close to her.
    Long live my Bhabhi Maa, keep in spreading the light of hope and love forever.

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