A hairstylist

One life dreams

One life dreams

When I asked Cornelia what she wanted to be when she grew up she said very quickly .

“a hairstylist”

and since that was her very spontanious answer we decided to create this shoot around that dream job.

Cornelia was very shy when she was being photographed but she really enjoyed it in the end and we talked a bit about what a hairstylist does etc. Since I am a photographer and I work with a lot of talented hairstylists I told her about my experience with her dream job.

It was all together a very positive experience!

Hopefully when she sees the images she will think of her dream job and maybe later when she grows up she will have this good memory of when she was photographed as a hairstylist.

Submitted by Anna Erlingsdottir from Sweden – annaosk@gmail.com

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